Modular wooden house. Coming soon

Futura kiosk. Coming soon

Foodhall on the former ice rink. Coming soon

Tambovskaya courtyards. Coming soon

Carnikava house. Coming soon

Volzhsky pereulok. Coming soon

NEMOSKVA (More than Moscow)

Modular townhouses. Coming soon

Temporary theatre. Coming soon

Refurbishment of the Novgorod Drama Theatre. Coming soon

Arctic modular camp. Coming soon

Runa Park tower. Coming soon

Vuoksa river guest house. Coming soon

Runa Park prefabricated. Coming soon

Retreat on Lake Onega. Coming soon

Tack Tack by Spasibo

Resort Hotel in Abrau Durso

The Restaurant in Meshchersky Park

Tochka na Karte in Vidlitsa

The Renovation of Torzkovsky Market

Futura Bistro

Garden Stage. Present Perfect Festival

Central Market

Respublica* store

‘Horizon’ Business and Leisure Campus in ‘Sevkabel Port’

Living room pavilion. Priozersk.

Dymov Ceramic Factory

Gastrobar O

Dim sum cafe

Tochka na Karte Сountry Hotel

Fire station in Turtino village

Architecture of the exhibition NEMOSKVA. "Big country – big ideas"

Reconstruction of the house in Suzdal

Exposition design for the exhibition "Antoni Gaudi. Barcelona"

Tikhvin House

Townhall in Turtino

Yelizovo Airport

Dog Shelter in Meshersky Park

Exhibition design for "The New Blockheads" Retrospective

Novinsky Boulevard, 11

Respublica* store

Taffy Library

Fontanka table

Piipun Piha


Dacha Vintera park-hotel

Honka. History and Architecture

Nordic Block


Solntsevo metro station, Moscow

Manifesta 10

ATI office extension

Exhibition Centre, Sofia

M house

Kontur Office

Rzhevskaya library

Private School



Nordic Kids Children Centre

Gogol house

Plombir Children Centre


the Roof bar

TV tower development

Open Library

Guest House

MM Cluster


MCN office

DiKom showroom

EASA 013 Žužemberk

BRT Terminal


Lobby Bar

ATI office

Zona space

Arch, Park Gorkogo